Fuertaventura – Greeting the Wildlife ~*

Good morning friend’s! How are ya?? Again, I have a new refreshing post for y’all to react yer eyes upon so let’s get started…

On our fifth day, we were set to go to the Oasis Zoo… too eager maybe as we set our alarms to wake up for 7am but of course, our phones times are all messed up and so we woke up at 6am… the sun wasn’t even up yet! 

As we wondered sleepily for the pick up hotel for the bus that would take us there, we realised that we had to be there earlier than we thought, so the sleepy walk turned into a power walk to catch a bus that ended up being late anyways!

Two hours later, our feet touched down on the grainy, pebbly ground that was the entrance to the zoo and our spirits brightened considerably!

The zoo itself had a wide selection of animals including these guys!

Giraffes of course, are my favourite animal and I was able to feed them as well as the zebras, ponies, emus and the like!

Near the end of our trip, my brother, my dad and myself all had the pleasure of joining a small group in having a lemur experience. We actually got to go into the enclosure and see them up close and personal! We also learned more about them from the keeper that was in charge of leading the group.

Below is a photo that I took of a small group of lemurs gathered together with a baby attaching itself to the mother… it was the cutest thing.

This guy greeted us at the beginning and was a real hippy in character! I took this as we left but never thought he would actually look directly into the camera! 

At the end of the day, we suffered through the two hour journey back, by the end of which, we were all spent. We ended up buying food for tea at the supermarket and collapsed onto the sofa as soon as we could! 

And that was the end of the day… There’s more tomorrow so stay tuned! Take care friend’s, until next time~*


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