Fuertaventura – Frying in the sun

Good afternoon friend’s! Everyone still well I assume? Unfortunately for the past two days nothing too exciting has happened! 

Day 6 ~*

On this day, as we were all feeling pretty tired from the events of the zoo the previous day, we pretty much just chilled in the sun on our top terrace. 

It was on this day friend’s, that I consequently became a lobster… I put sun cream on… plenty of it in fact but somehow, the sun just wants me to fry… which, is what I did!

Alas, the wine I drank that day took the edge off of the bad burning and took away some of the embarrassment of the red blotches I now have about my skin as we wondered out for our meal at night…

We ventured out to a small traditional taverna sort of a place called Maison de Tejas, which we believed was somewhere the locals who live here frequent. I had fried cheese once again for a starter and fresh fish and prawn skewers for a main course! Another 10/10 scorer from me!

Below is a sunset photo that I took a few days ago, just because I thought it was a pretty breathtaking sight…

Day 7 ~*

Another day of Frying followed the last and to prevent anymore burning on my front, I concentrated on getting some rays on my back for a change…

My friend’s… I have never been so lazy in my life… I literally lay on the same spot – not alone in admit – for 4 hours, simply baking and enjoying a wee refreshment of white wine whilst doing so!

Later on that night, we went to a restaurant called La Oliva where I enjoyed baby squid for a starter and oxtail stew for a main course! As this was not as great as the past nights meal was I could only rate this one a 9/10, however, it is certainly worth a visit for hungry tummies!

That is all for this post friend’s, stay tuned for tomorrow’s, it’s gonna be a good one I can assure y’all! As always, take care and speak to y’all tomorrow! ~* 


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