Fuertaventura – Eco Cars, Volcanoes and Camels! ~*

Good morning friend’s! If y’all can remember what I said in the last post, then I can assure you that when I said this one was gonna be good, I truly did mean it! So, without any more hesitation, let’s begin…

It was another early rise on this, our 8th day in paradise… the only good point was the fact that our phone alarms got us up at the right time instead of an hour early! We sleepily walked into the local shopping centre to the stall upon which our trip was booked, paid the full amount and made our way to the car park downstairs! I should probably say that the name of the trip is Volcano Y Camels… I do believe there was a ‘Y’ in the middle but as I have holiday brain, who knows!

Anyways, when we got to the bottom of the stairs, we seen a neat line of perfectly parked Eco Cars, which can be seen in the photo below – taken later on when we found ourselves at the beach!

I have to say, although I was really a anxious about driving an automatic car on the wrong side of the road, when I got started and after following someone for a bit, I found it to be quite a pleasant experience! If I dare say so myself, it was easier than driving a car in Scotland!

After about five or ten minutes of driving on the roads, the guide led us off road to a more rough and dusty terrain. Whilst it was pretty bumpy and dust went everywhere, I found it thrilling and loved every second of it!

We came to a stop at a small distance away from the Volcano. We climbed out of the cars and walked on cobbled foot paths and you could choose whether you wanted to stay the bottom or challenge your fitness by climbing up the steep escalation to the volcanic crater. Although I have a fear of heights, I never let it stop me in America so why would it here! Below is a photo at the bottom of the Volcano before we climbed up…

Me and my dad made our way up the steep pebbled footpaths that led to the crater whilst my mum and brother stayed down. When we got to the top, it was worth it to see, just how much of an impact the crater made! The photo does not do it justice, but I can tell ya that it was pretty epic…

Looking around the area, you were able to see what the locals call squirrels, but in my opinion, they were more like chipmunks. These creatures were pretty sociable and had no fear when it came to people. I did hear something though that was, if your were caught by the authorities feeding them, you could get up to a €300 fine! Didn’t stop this guy though!

I did have a beautiful panoramic view from the top of the Volcano but I accidentally deleted it from the post and the WiFi has gone all funny again so I’ll just have to upload it in tomorrow’s post! 

In the meantime, here’s another panoramic view, this one at the bottom of the Volcano and at the apparently first ever house that was built on the island. I’m not sure if that’s accurate or not as when ya drive past other places here you see many ruins that look just like it.

Anyways, after spending a few minutes here, we made our way to the beach for a relaxing camel ride. Now, I can probably imagine what some of you are thinking and honestly I think that using animals for commercial purposes is a horrible thing that goes against my very being! However, we were told that the keeper of the Camels treated them with great care and upon appearance, they were more well kept than those at the zoo we visited. The ride was 20 minutes long and we walked through some of the dunes around us… we even seen the set of the new star wars movie that was being filmed there!

Alas, later on that day when we got home, we chilled out and watched some Wimbledon before heading out for our meal – I can’t believe Nadal is out of Wimbledon! My wee heart bled for him…

We ate at La Scarpetta, an Italian restaurant, where I had a carpriccio pizza for a main and a warm chocolate macaron for desert, another 10/10 meal in my opinion! 

With that, I’ll draw this post to an end! Take care friend’s and I’ll speak to y’all tomorrow! ~*


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