Fuertaventura – Fish Therapy, Cocktails and the Sea! ~*

Good morning friend’s! Alas I am back with another post, signifying the second full last day of our time here in Fuertaventura!

I begin by digressing to the photo I accidently deleted from my last post and could not get it back on. So below is a photo that I took of the view from the top of the Volcano…

Pretty right? Now… let us get onto the main event of today’s post! ~*

We had a pretty chill morning of doing pretty much nothing for a good while… as we lamented over what we would do for that day.

As we got organised, we made our way to the first market, – where me and my brother got the oil paintings – in the hope that it was still open so that my folks could get one of their own. Luckily, it was and the owner of the stall remembered us so we walked away with yet another painting and having had a lovely discussion with the woman.

As we walked on, we came upon a fish salon… I don’t know if anyone has experienced this kind of thing before but I absolutely love it! Basically there’s a special kind of fish that will quite happily munch the dry skin off of your feet for ya and make them nice and soft! Anyways, myself, my brother and my dad were all eager to go for it. Below are some photos of the experience. ( My family elected for their photos not to be shared on the blog, so it’s just me I’m afraid! )

If ya asked me how painful it is to endure this, I would say not very! Why? Because although the fish use their teeth, it feels more like vibration on the soles of the feet as well as the tops… with maybe a tiny bit of pressure in there as well? If you ever come upon one of these in your lives then I urge you to try it on for size! I challenge y’all so say you don’t like it! 

After the twenty minutes spent there, we wandered once more to the harbour area. We stopped once more at the Waikiki bar and our second stop off was at a cocktail bar called Reef. I had the summer romance one – the orangey looking one – where my dad had the classic pina colada!

The glasses were huge and they gave us complimentary nuts to boot! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who loves to lounge on a sofa, drinking a wee cocktail or two Wilstead looking out into the sea… speaking of which, this was our view after the couple in front of us took their leave…

As we wandered onwards still, it was decided that we would have our tea at the harbour area. We went to a restaurant called La Playita, where I had stuffed pancakes – with spinach and prawns – for a starter and a fillet steak flambee with mushroom sauce for a main. It was slightly disappointing and so my rating for this one was a 4/10 but that’s just my opinion, others may think differently…

I believe that is all I have to offer for this post! So until tomorrow friend’s, take care! ~*


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