Fuertaventura – The Last Day ~*

Good evening friend’s! How are y’all doing! I am rather spent as you’ll find out why later on in this post… I’ll split this post into 2 parts as they are both quite short, the first will be on the last full day and the second on the flight home! Let’s get started…

Part 1 ~*

So this day, our grand finale as it were was in itself not very grand at all… we slept in… and after breakfast we just could not be bothered for anything! ( I fear that it was the obstacle of packing everything old and new into our cases that made us feel that way. ) 

As we are all loyal Wimbledon fans, we turned on the sport to support our favourite player, Andy Murray play against, Gilles Muller. ( before y’all say, it’s not just because we’re Scottish that he’s our favourite! ) unfortunately, our player was defeated… slaughtered actually, after a 5 set defeat with only one set being won the scotsman. My heart bled to see both Murray and Nadal out of Wimbledon for good but I guess that is the way the game goes…

By the time the match had ended, it was the back of three and what better way is there to spend the last day of your holiday than getting fried one last time! We did that fairly well if you ask me!

For our evening meal, we all agreed on going to our favourite restaurant called La Calesta. The meal did not disappoint and neither did our final game of gin rummy… which I lost! 

Part 2 ~*

On this, the very day, we got ourselves ready to say goodbye to the paradise which we were so at home in…

Again, we flew home with Ryan Air. Fortunately enough, it wasn’t the catastrophic train wreck that it was when we left Scotland. Even so! I still wouldn’t fly with them again… hopefully! Of course I have another compulsory photo of Gerald but this time, he has a friend whom I have named Jerry, that I adopted from the zoo as everyone needs more giraffes in their life!

Alas, we touched down safe and sound and now we’re all back home… there is truly nothing like home comforts indeed, already I am chilling in my giraffe onesie and preparing to unpack…
That is all for this post friend’s, until next time, take care ~* 


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