Fringe-ing it ~*

Good Evening friend’s! I am a week or two and a day late so apologies for that… I have been quite busy in life recently with work and whatnot but I hope you have all been well! This week I have something that is a bit on the traditional side to share with y’all, so let’s get started!

Ok! so for those who don’t know or are unaware of this, once a year, a festival called ‘The Fringe’ comes to Scotland; specifically Edinburgh. What is this fringe? I hear y’all ask… The fringe is a cultural festival which welcomes street performers, comedians, amateur shows, hypnotists and the like!

From the beginning of August ’till the end, Edinburgh becomes a hive of business and fun! I surely was not going to miss it this year and so I was glad to go with one of my friend’s from college and experience what The Fringe had to offer this year!


We started our day watching a street performer dance to like, music box music but in that very kind of static way that you may come across when you open a box and find a ballerina or something dancing to a tune… her appearance was very Lolita/victorian like and I loved her dress!


Unfortunately, my phone died a short time after this so I never took more photo’s! After this one we came across another street performer who used balloon’s to tell a story… my friend’s, to this day I cannot tell you what the story was but it was very entertaining so that’s a plus! After visiting some stalls nearby, we went to watch another street performer for a bit before going to see the show we had tickets for. The performer was a comedic magician who was actually pretty good, considering the fact that I’m normally sceptical of these things…

After watching this performance for a while, we made our way to the Assembly Hall, where a show called ‘China Goes Pop’ was starting. It started with a gymnastic type explosion that turned into so much more! Throughout, there was a story being told and it was no surprise that it was a love story but it was too cute! I highly recommend this show to anyone going to The Fringe this year, highly recommend!

After the show, we were starving! we found a place called Five Guys, which is apparently a big thing in America? Anyway, for food, it was pretty decent. I had a cheeseburger and regular fries, my stomach was very happy to welcome this tasty food. It was not too pricey and it was busy, which in my experience, is a good thing!

I was also able to make it home for a bit a week or so ago so I hope you enjoy these photo’s that I am now going to flood your screen’s with!


All of these were taken on the ‘Gypsy Trail’ walk that me and Sir Brinks take every time I go home for a while! Still my second favourite place to be! Alas, that is all for this week friend’s, have a good one and take care, until next time! ~*


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