New Year, New Adventures ~*

Good evening friend’s! How has everyone been? I hope you have had a good Christmas and New Year! it seems like so long since I have posted anything but alas, I have been a busy bee since the last time and the first semester of fourth year almost had me questioning why it was I decided to do a joint degree in the first place! Take it from me kids and fellow scholars with a desire to get out there and see the world, doing a joint degree is like serving a prison sentence – tediously long and you find yourself questioning whether it was worth it in the first place! I am hoping though, that by the end of this final semester I can come back and tell myself that I did the right thing by putting myself through this suffering!

Anyways enough of the pessimistic talk that I’ve opened with and now onto… slightly more optimistic talk! bear with me guys, this is just the beginning. As I grudgingly rolled out of bed to welcome the start of this new hideous semester, I opened the blinds to reveal a beautiful snowy blizzard tumbling headfirst from the skies above… it was a beautiful sight to behold as Scotland has not had much snow this winter so seeing it making a comeback was nice and all but knowing that I would have to go out into it was heartbreaking. I am a lover of being inside warm places and watching the rain or snow making an appearance but being outside in it is an entirely different ball park altogether and one that I do not appreciate as much as maybe others do!

Alas, as this new semester takes its shape I will be looking forward to writing a dissertation on children’s rights and well as working on a research project for the psychology part of my degree. In the meantime I will update y’all on what adventures I have planned for this mighty 2018. I will make this year one to remember and as such, I hope that you will follow me as you once did as the more people there are to share a journey, the better it will be! As far as my blogging goes, I plan to blog once every two weeks, probably on a Wednesday or Thursday so keep your eyes peeled for those updates! That’s about all I have for this week – There will be more to come in two weeks time so see ya then!

Until next time, take care for then! ~*


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