The Beast… From the East ~*

Good Evening friends! how is everyone?? This post has come a little late due to some obstacles I have been unfortunate enough to face recently and the Snowpocalypse has not helped one bit. Allow me to fill you in before I properly get into this post. Those of you in Scotland may already be aware of this but for those who are not, we have had a storm hit us… of a snowy, windy, boggin’ awful sort. It has caused many inconveniences but I will start at the beginning for now…

Snowpocalypse: Day 1

I awoke from a not-so-great sleep to a rather frosty morning… thinking that I switched my heater off the night before, I simply shrugged it off and turned the dial so that my room would hopefully heat up in the time it took to boil the water in the kettle and get myself a cuppa. If only things were that simple… everything was off… even the fridge and shower! Panic began to stir as I knew this meant there was a problem with a fuse and I might have to magically know what to do. Taking a few deep breaths, I sat myself down and scanned youtube for help, yes I did just say youtube. After a few videos I was ready to take this challenge on… I flicked the switch up and boom, we have electric… for a few seconds. The panic grew stronger. After a few more failed attempts with the fuse box, I discovered the leaking boiler. My heart broke as I turned it off, indicating that we (me and my flatmate) were in for a rough ride. I phoned our agency, to no avail as they were closed to the weather. Deep breaths I told myself as I was being transferred to the emergency line, someone picked up and sent an engineer out.

Well… he came, he saw, he sighed. Apparently no-one works with the company our boiler was with so with thus he advised us to make do until he came back with the right kit that would repair our boiler. On all days, it had to be this day that our boiler kicked the bucket. I had work so at least I could escape for a few hours but my sympathies went out to my flatmate who battled through the cold. A friend of mine got stranded in uni when all the services back home got cancelled and so they stayed at the hotel I was working at until my shift finished. When we entered my flat at the end of the night, freezing would have been an understatement. I mean, I know I’m Scottish and I’m meant to be used to this crappy weather and all, but when a boiler breaks, that’s the final straw. The one thing you should be in life is warm at least, right? Anyways, as we shivered, we called it a night and with one hat, two scarves, two tops, a dressing gown and socks on, I slowly slid into a cold bed and eventually drifted off…

We are now experiencing day three of this so stay tuned for the next logs on this snowpocalypse adventure! until next time friends! ~*



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