The Beastly Chronicles Cont. ~*

Good day friends! I hope you are all still keeping well. The snowpocalypse is still going some, so without further ado I shall get right onto my next post…

The Snowpocalypse: Day 2


Who knew that sleeping with: a hat, two scarves, two tops, a dressing gown and socks on, under a cover with a trow on top, would actually make for a warmer sleep! I knew however, that when the time came for going into the kitchen, things would be rather different… After buying as much warmth as I could and mentally preparing myself for walking into the north pole, I finally decided to make a cup of tea and check if my stranded friend had made it through the night alive…

         There were signs of life as I slowly opened the door to the arctic wall. We were freezing… but at least we still had tea and hot chocolate, hope was not completely lost yet. We looked forward to the moment when the engineer would come and sort the boiler and we would be freed from this icy prison. The afternoon crept by… the engineer was no-where to be seen. The blizzards showed no signs of stopping. Our hope grew even thinner. I could take no more waiting. I phoned the engineer around half twelve/one-ish only to discover that he was not coming out after all and would attempt coming out the next day if he could.

We were doomed.

The snow progressively got worse. The transport to everywhere and anywhere was cancelled. The shops were closed – bar Tesco, from what we were aware of. Stirling had officially become a ghost town.

We needed heat! Students are not built to withstand such temperatures without a boiler!

Desperate, we began our search for electric heaters in the hope that a shop would somehow be open in town or walk-able distance from our flat… When all hope was lost we suddenly stumbled upon the Argos website which had heaters! without hesitation we reserved one, I received the text that let us know our heater was ready for picking up and my stranded friend and I battled through the blizzard to get to Argos.  Outside Argos is where our hearts were shattered. They were closed. With nothing on their website, how were we to know this?! we were now even more cold and even more desperate for any trace of warmth we could get!

Our last hope came as a surprise as we shivered our way into Cash Converters… We asked the staff if they had any electrical heaters in store and they said yes! Then we discovered that the only heater they had they were using for the store. This was it, my time had come to play my pity card. If we were to make it through the next few days, we had to have that heater. I told them my story of how the boiler broke and how no-one has been helping us… this worked. I will be forever grateful to the guys at cash converters for their sympathetic natures. We battled our way through the snow back to the flat with heater in hand and plugged it into the kitchen socket right away… finally there was hope.

With heat slowly circulating around one room, we began to get warmth back into our bodies and prepared for another night trapped in the flat… My friend and i slept in the living room that night, grateful to be sleeping in a warmer climate than the night before…

That’s all for the second log friends! stay tuned for tomorrows update! until then, take care ~*


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