The Beastly Chronicles Cont.

Good afternoon friends! how are you all keeping? The snowpocalypse has began to subside somewhat recently but I will get right onto the third log of this adventure…

The Snowpocalypse: Day three 

Alas, the snow had finally stopped… for now. Our heating was still out but we were hoping for the engineer to come out and do his magic. At least the living room which my friend and I had camped in was still nice and cosy thanks to the mini heater.

There was no way of escaping home at this point, transport was still down in certain places, mainly where I live back home in Fife – snowmageddon hit the place pretty hard from what I have heard… Still, we had hope that a thaw would break out at some point…

Luckily, as the afternoon approached, buses to Edinburgh (and I assumed to Glasgow) had started running again, with caution. My friend was finally able to get home after spending two nights stranded in Stirling! We were glad she was finally able to go back home and this gave us further hope that the engineer would come out if the transport system was finally getting back to normal.

As the day dragged on, we grew more and more impatient for our engineer to show up and in the end I phoned to discover that he in fact, did not have the parts needed to fix the boiler and so would not be coming out after all… I am pretty sure that by this point, if we did not have the mini heater to keep us going we would be suffering with the flu by now…

After sending out a few angry emails to our agency for their lack of professionalism, we once again had to live with what we had, at least we still had food and milk to get us by… Que the beginning of yet another snow blizzard.


That’s about it for day 3 as nothing too exciting happened on that day a part from our friend finding her way home safely. Day 4 however comes with new hope and excitement so I hope ya don’t miss it! until then, take care ~*


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