A light at the end of the tunnel ~*

Good day friends! I hope you are all keeping well, the snowpocalypse has officially ended in Stirling now but let us dive right in to the 4th day of the monstrosity!

The snowpocalypse: day four

So… is the heating fixed yet? the answer is a big fat nope. Thanks to the supplementary heaters we were supplied with the other day though, we were at least able to sleep in our own beds and not turn into living icicles!

The day had finally arrived where I had to make the choice of going to the gig of my favourite band and risk getting stranded in Glasgow the next day or not… the band in question? Apocalyptica. Ever since I was in high school, around 14-15 years old or so, this band have played a massive role in inspiring me to play the cello myself so I was desperate to see them! The blizzards were still falling though and apparently Glasgow was worse than Stirling… After phoning the Box office a couple of times I found out that they were still playing. I had no ticket. My plan was to go home and collect my ticket but Fife was terrible and all travel to there was still cancelled for the foreseeable future!

Stressed to the max, I phoned ticketmaster, a thousand times, to no avail! no human being picked up my calls and the automated service was trash! I even created a twitter account to deal with my problem, again, I found no help was given. Really guys??? to top it off the engineer finally showed his face and discovered yet more problems with the boiler, meaning it could not get fixed that day. Honestly, that was when deciding on going to the gig became, oh so much easier. I had, had enough and after packing my bag, I left for the bus.

I had made it to Glasgow! Now I just had to find the hostel I was staying at and all would be well… Google maps helped me greatly here as I have literally no sense of direction – even in Glasgow, and I am from Scotland. I arrived at the Euro Hostel stressed but so, so relieved that I could now relax! My first thoughts were that the reception area was really modern looking and you could see the conjoined bar/restaurant from it, no navigational skills needed to find where I was going to eat and drink before the gig tonight! The staff were also really friendly and willing to help me discover where the gig was being held that night – this would be my first time properly reading a map, something I’ve always avoided! Anyways here are some photo’s of my room if anyone is considering staying here in the future!

So, we got an edgy wall frame…


This was just a photo I took before getting in the lift to show off the art you see on various walls in Glasgow!


Finally! So I stayed in a four bed, all female dorm. I found it alright actually, I’ve definitely slept in worse hostels. The room itself was quite modern however the one thing letting it down is that I was intially told that there were lockers in the room and in actual fact, there were not. I was not about to let it ruin my stay though and off to the bar I went!


The bar is called, Mint & Lime. I had the lasagna with a glass of red wine, I found it to be not too pricey of a deal and it certainly filled a hole before going to the gig. I stuck strictly to the map I was given and turned up to the venue 15 minutes later! Apocalyptica were playing their Metallica album that night so I was well excited to get in there and here them rock out on their four cello’s and I was not disappointed!

I am so happy that I finally got to see my favourite band! I couldn’t get back to Stirling the next day and just went home instead… to Narnia land! The snowpocalypse had hit home with a passion indeed! At least I can say I now know how to read a map properly!

Well I believe that is all for this post, until next time, take care friends! ~*



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