The Beastly Chronicles – Last Log ~*

Good Evening friends! How has life been holding out for you? I would have brought this post to you sooner but life has been somewhat stressful recently with my uni deadlines creeping up on me like some kind of grim reaper. This will be my last log on the Snowpocalypse as it is now over and my boiler has finally been fixed, (a full week after it broke!) take my advice, do not ever sign a lease with Grant Property, save yer-selves from the stress. Anyways, let’s get right into this post!

Snowpocalypse: Day 5

There is truly no place like home… even in the snow! Knowing that the heating was still not fixed only made staying at home better. As I avoided worrying about how I would make it back up to Stirling, I decided to make the most of it… and since Brinkley loves the snow, there was no other option but to embrace the white stuff!

It was also good to get home and celebrate a birthday as well! it is just so comforting to know that when something like snow happens or anything major for that matter, family will always be close by… even if you can’t make it to them and vice versa, a phone call is all it can take to calm the nerves. 

I realise that I this is somewhat shorter in length than my usual blog posts but so much has been going on that my thoughts have just been everywhere to be honest. This will be my last blog post until… probably the 13th of April, as by that time my dissertation and research project will have been handed in. I promise to do a big one at that point!

Until then friends, let the mini hiatus begin ~*


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