My Graduation Post – ‘Cause Why not? ~*

Good evening friends! I realise that it has been a good while since my last post was published, why? the day after I handed in my dissertation I adjusted my lifestyle so that I could enter the world of full-time work (it has not been easy but I managed to get used to it after a week or so). My next steps were to get organised for graduation and get something together for the graduation ball which is happening tomorrow! so excited for it! There were also a few birthdays thrown into the mix along with searching for a job where I can use what I have learned in my degree made me a very busy bee! Anyways, let’s get on with this post before I lose myself on some other tangent…

As some of you may have been aware, I was studying Psychology and Philosophy at Stirling University – which is still a very beautiful campus even after graduating. Like every other student, or rather, most of the students I have spoken to, the journey has been one of emotional highs and lows… but what made it special was that we were all in this together. When one person was stressed, finding support and an equal measure of stress from your flatmates or peers somehow made you feel better and more motivated to fight through the tough times and earn grades that gave you warm proud feelings inside. Anyways to cut a long paragraph short, my journey has been rough but it has made me a stronger person mentally and I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to make so many friends throughout my four years – some of which have stayed by my side whereas others have grown distant but are still very much appreciated!

I’ll be honest here and say that I did go to uni on a crazy whim because “it seemed like a good idea at the time.” And yes, I have spoken those words many a time but there was another motivation to my craziness… basically, I just wanted to prove a point to all my high school/college lecturers/teachers all of whom, never thought I’d get very far. To them I say something along the words of “Pfffft, bet you’d be choking on yer words if you could see just how far I’ve come.”

When my final grade came through I was so relieved that I passed, more so because I passed with a 2:2 and not a 3rd! For sure, I was disappointed at first as I thought that maybe, just maybe, I had done well enough to scrape a 2:1… but when I thought back and even as I think back in this moment to how I just decided on a whim that uni was a good idea and thinking back still, to all those times where I thought about dropping out in 1st and 2nd year, not to mention getting stressed over every single deadline and grade… That 2:2 basically says well done… well done on not giving up, well done on making every single one of those deadlines and well done on having made it to the finishing line… You did it.

Now of course, I couldn’t have done it without my amazing family and fantastic friends any gal could want – shouting out to the Sisterhood amongst others! Y’all have put up with me through the stress and anxious moments that I am known for going through and together we made it through and no amount of words will ever express how thankful I am for having every one of ya there. I hope that I was able to show y’all the kindness and support that you have all shown me and if this is the case then nothing would make me happier.

To those who have graduated and to those who have yet to graduate, even if you do graduate with a 3rd, know that, that in itself is an achievement! you might not think it but getting to that stage, a stage where so many struggle to reach due to whatever reasons you, you are one of the lucky ones whose battle has ended in a victory. Your victory. So, I urge every one of ya out there who has known the pain of doing a degree… steal yourself away from your disappointment for just a moment and think of all that you have achieved just by graduating, by being able to put on those thick and heavy robes where ya sweat yer life out in twenty odd degree heat and by being able to smile with your friends and share this moment, not just with them but with your family. Congratulations.

Well I think that seems like a nice place to leave this, slightly cheesy post… I will be back with another post with tips on how to survive uni and make it out the other side but for now… take care friends and I shall leave ya with a photo of me on top of a mountain of books, because why not ~*





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