Hey there!

I am the Crazy Adventurer but y’all can call me Lauren and this is what I look like 🙂

This is me with my really great family, I’m in the middle with my brother 🙂


Here’s a wee photo of me on my own 🙂

12227791_1019433094766088_3555936913427825645_n (1)

So, I’m guessing you’re wondering why you came here? let me help you out…

I’m a Psychology/Philosophy student just making my way through the 2nd semester of 3rd year of uni and looking for something inspiring. Recently I have wanted to be adventurous and Americamp has given me this opportunity. A lot of my posts will be building up to the summer ad what happens when I’m there and afterwards to, because everyday you walk out of the door, you are stepping into your next adventure!

I’m a pretty crazy person who does thing’s on impulse a lot so I hope to share with you my adventures and relate-able scenarios that I face just by being me so take my hand and I’ll take you into my crazy world of fun!


America was great and eye-opening, I am honestly so happy I went! If you are still with me and happy to be then let us continue together in my crazy world filled with fun and adventures, for there are many to behold!


So uni is over now and it is time to really spread my wings and charge into the adult world! Stay by my side as I take you through the adventures yet to come in the life of a crazy Scot! 😆