Fuertaventura – The Last Day ~*

Good evening friend’s! How are y’all doing! I am rather spent as you’ll find out why later on in this post… I’ll split this post into 2 parts as they are both quite short, the first will be on the last full day and the second on the flight home! Let’s get started…

Part 1 ~*

So this day, our grand finale as it were was in itself not very grand at all… we slept in… and after breakfast we just could not be bothered for anything! ( I fear that it was the obstacle of packing everything old and new into our cases that made us feel that way. ) 

As we are all loyal Wimbledon fans, we turned on the sport to support our favourite player, Andy Murray play against, Gilles Muller. ( before y’all say, it’s not just because we’re Scottish that he’s our favourite! ) unfortunately, our player was defeated… slaughtered actually, after a 5 set defeat with only one set being won the scotsman. My heart bled to see both Murray and Nadal out of Wimbledon for good but I guess that is the way the game goes…

By the time the match had ended, it was the back of three and what better way is there to spend the last day of your holiday than getting fried one last time! We did that fairly well if you ask me!

For our evening meal, we all agreed on going to our favourite restaurant called La Calesta. The meal did not disappoint and neither did our final game of gin rummy… which I lost! 

Part 2 ~*

On this, the very day, we got ourselves ready to say goodbye to the paradise which we were so at home in…

Again, we flew home with Ryan Air. Fortunately enough, it wasn’t the catastrophic train wreck that it was when we left Scotland. Even so! I still wouldn’t fly with them again… hopefully! Of course I have another compulsory photo of Gerald but this time, he has a friend whom I have named Jerry, that I adopted from the zoo as everyone needs more giraffes in their life!

Alas, we touched down safe and sound and now we’re all back home… there is truly nothing like home comforts indeed, already I am chilling in my giraffe onesie and preparing to unpack…
That is all for this post friend’s, until next time, take care ~* 

Fuertaventura – Fish Therapy, Cocktails and the Sea! ~*

Good morning friend’s! Alas I am back with another post, signifying the second full last day of our time here in Fuertaventura!

I begin by digressing to the photo I accidently deleted from my last post and could not get it back on. So below is a photo that I took of the view from the top of the Volcano…

Pretty right? Now… let us get onto the main event of today’s post! ~*

We had a pretty chill morning of doing pretty much nothing for a good while… as we lamented over what we would do for that day.

As we got organised, we made our way to the first market, – where me and my brother got the oil paintings – in the hope that it was still open so that my folks could get one of their own. Luckily, it was and the owner of the stall remembered us so we walked away with yet another painting and having had a lovely discussion with the woman.

As we walked on, we came upon a fish salon… I don’t know if anyone has experienced this kind of thing before but I absolutely love it! Basically there’s a special kind of fish that will quite happily munch the dry skin off of your feet for ya and make them nice and soft! Anyways, myself, my brother and my dad were all eager to go for it. Below are some photos of the experience. ( My family elected for their photos not to be shared on the blog, so it’s just me I’m afraid! )

If ya asked me how painful it is to endure this, I would say not very! Why? Because although the fish use their teeth, it feels more like vibration on the soles of the feet as well as the tops… with maybe a tiny bit of pressure in there as well? If you ever come upon one of these in your lives then I urge you to try it on for size! I challenge y’all so say you don’t like it! 

After the twenty minutes spent there, we wandered once more to the harbour area. We stopped once more at the Waikiki bar and our second stop off was at a cocktail bar called Reef. I had the summer romance one – the orangey looking one – where my dad had the classic pina colada!

The glasses were huge and they gave us complimentary nuts to boot! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who loves to lounge on a sofa, drinking a wee cocktail or two Wilstead looking out into the sea… speaking of which, this was our view after the couple in front of us took their leave…

As we wandered onwards still, it was decided that we would have our tea at the harbour area. We went to a restaurant called La Playita, where I had stuffed pancakes – with spinach and prawns – for a starter and a fillet steak flambee with mushroom sauce for a main. It was slightly disappointing and so my rating for this one was a 4/10 but that’s just my opinion, others may think differently…

I believe that is all I have to offer for this post! So until tomorrow friend’s, take care! ~*

Fuertaventura – Eco Cars, Volcanoes and Camels! ~*

Good morning friend’s! If y’all can remember what I said in the last post, then I can assure you that when I said this one was gonna be good, I truly did mean it! So, without any more hesitation, let’s begin…

It was another early rise on this, our 8th day in paradise… the only good point was the fact that our phone alarms got us up at the right time instead of an hour early! We sleepily walked into the local shopping centre to the stall upon which our trip was booked, paid the full amount and made our way to the car park downstairs! I should probably say that the name of the trip is Volcano Y Camels… I do believe there was a ‘Y’ in the middle but as I have holiday brain, who knows!

Anyways, when we got to the bottom of the stairs, we seen a neat line of perfectly parked Eco Cars, which can be seen in the photo below – taken later on when we found ourselves at the beach!

I have to say, although I was really a anxious about driving an automatic car on the wrong side of the road, when I got started and after following someone for a bit, I found it to be quite a pleasant experience! If I dare say so myself, it was easier than driving a car in Scotland!

After about five or ten minutes of driving on the roads, the guide led us off road to a more rough and dusty terrain. Whilst it was pretty bumpy and dust went everywhere, I found it thrilling and loved every second of it!

We came to a stop at a small distance away from the Volcano. We climbed out of the cars and walked on cobbled foot paths and you could choose whether you wanted to stay the bottom or challenge your fitness by climbing up the steep escalation to the volcanic crater. Although I have a fear of heights, I never let it stop me in America so why would it here! Below is a photo at the bottom of the Volcano before we climbed up…

Me and my dad made our way up the steep pebbled footpaths that led to the crater whilst my mum and brother stayed down. When we got to the top, it was worth it to see, just how much of an impact the crater made! The photo does not do it justice, but I can tell ya that it was pretty epic…

Looking around the area, you were able to see what the locals call squirrels, but in my opinion, they were more like chipmunks. These creatures were pretty sociable and had no fear when it came to people. I did hear something though that was, if your were caught by the authorities feeding them, you could get up to a €300 fine! Didn’t stop this guy though!

I did have a beautiful panoramic view from the top of the Volcano but I accidentally deleted it from the post and the WiFi has gone all funny again so I’ll just have to upload it in tomorrow’s post! 

In the meantime, here’s another panoramic view, this one at the bottom of the Volcano and at the apparently first ever house that was built on the island. I’m not sure if that’s accurate or not as when ya drive past other places here you see many ruins that look just like it.

Anyways, after spending a few minutes here, we made our way to the beach for a relaxing camel ride. Now, I can probably imagine what some of you are thinking and honestly I think that using animals for commercial purposes is a horrible thing that goes against my very being! However, we were told that the keeper of the Camels treated them with great care and upon appearance, they were more well kept than those at the zoo we visited. The ride was 20 minutes long and we walked through some of the dunes around us… we even seen the set of the new star wars movie that was being filmed there!

Alas, later on that day when we got home, we chilled out and watched some Wimbledon before heading out for our meal – I can’t believe Nadal is out of Wimbledon! My wee heart bled for him…

We ate at La Scarpetta, an Italian restaurant, where I had a carpriccio pizza for a main and a warm chocolate macaron for desert, another 10/10 meal in my opinion! 

With that, I’ll draw this post to an end! Take care friend’s and I’ll speak to y’all tomorrow! ~*

Fuertaventura – Frying in the sun

Good afternoon friend’s! Everyone still well I assume? Unfortunately for the past two days nothing too exciting has happened! 

Day 6 ~*

On this day, as we were all feeling pretty tired from the events of the zoo the previous day, we pretty much just chilled in the sun on our top terrace. 

It was on this day friend’s, that I consequently became a lobster… I put sun cream on… plenty of it in fact but somehow, the sun just wants me to fry… which, is what I did!

Alas, the wine I drank that day took the edge off of the bad burning and took away some of the embarrassment of the red blotches I now have about my skin as we wondered out for our meal at night…

We ventured out to a small traditional taverna sort of a place called Maison de Tejas, which we believed was somewhere the locals who live here frequent. I had fried cheese once again for a starter and fresh fish and prawn skewers for a main course! Another 10/10 scorer from me!

Below is a sunset photo that I took a few days ago, just because I thought it was a pretty breathtaking sight…

Day 7 ~*

Another day of Frying followed the last and to prevent anymore burning on my front, I concentrated on getting some rays on my back for a change…

My friend’s… I have never been so lazy in my life… I literally lay on the same spot – not alone in admit – for 4 hours, simply baking and enjoying a wee refreshment of white wine whilst doing so!

Later on that night, we went to a restaurant called La Oliva where I enjoyed baby squid for a starter and oxtail stew for a main course! As this was not as great as the past nights meal was I could only rate this one a 9/10, however, it is certainly worth a visit for hungry tummies!

That is all for this post friend’s, stay tuned for tomorrow’s, it’s gonna be a good one I can assure y’all! As always, take care and speak to y’all tomorrow! ~* 

Fuertaventura – Greeting the Wildlife ~*

Good morning friend’s! How are ya?? Again, I have a new refreshing post for y’all to react yer eyes upon so let’s get started…

On our fifth day, we were set to go to the Oasis Zoo… too eager maybe as we set our alarms to wake up for 7am but of course, our phones times are all messed up and so we woke up at 6am… the sun wasn’t even up yet! 

As we wondered sleepily for the pick up hotel for the bus that would take us there, we realised that we had to be there earlier than we thought, so the sleepy walk turned into a power walk to catch a bus that ended up being late anyways!

Two hours later, our feet touched down on the grainy, pebbly ground that was the entrance to the zoo and our spirits brightened considerably!

The zoo itself had a wide selection of animals including these guys!

Giraffes of course, are my favourite animal and I was able to feed them as well as the zebras, ponies, emus and the like!

Near the end of our trip, my brother, my dad and myself all had the pleasure of joining a small group in having a lemur experience. We actually got to go into the enclosure and see them up close and personal! We also learned more about them from the keeper that was in charge of leading the group.

Below is a photo that I took of a small group of lemurs gathered together with a baby attaching itself to the mother… it was the cutest thing.

This guy greeted us at the beginning and was a real hippy in character! I took this as we left but never thought he would actually look directly into the camera! 

At the end of the day, we suffered through the two hour journey back, by the end of which, we were all spent. We ended up buying food for tea at the supermarket and collapsed onto the sofa as soon as we could! 

And that was the end of the day… There’s more tomorrow so stay tuned! Take care friend’s, until next time~*

Fuertaventura – Day 1 ~*

Good evening friend’s! Here’s another post with photos this time! So without further ado let’s begin…

So, slight regression back to when we landed and first arrived to the apartment…

Here’s our 1st floor terrace ( I was too excited to take photos of the other two! )

I have my own room this time round which has proven itself to be a godsend!

This is the view from my window…

Now that we’re all caught up in feel it’s time to move onto the first full days event’s!

                                ~ Day 1 ~

After the exhaustion of the night before we all felt like we needed a well earned day of sun worshipping and pool loving. And that’s exactly what we did after a small shopping trip to get more wine and essential food stuffs.

Below is a photo that I took of part of the pool which was, and still is, glorious to swim in…

Speaking of wine… I found myself a wine to suit my obsession with giraffes! And what a good wine it was to! 

When it came to tea time (dinner time) we went to the old town to a restaurant called EL Torres or something to that effect? Anyways! Out of 10 I would rate it a solid 6… the food was ok but the service… really, truly not so. I would not recommend it if ya asked me but everyone has a different experience so each to their own, I certainly won’t judge…

The night was rounded off with a good game of gin rummy before our heads found their way onto our pillows for a night of sweet dreams…

That is all for this post friend’s, until next time, take care ~* 

Fuertaventura – Touching Down ~*

Good morning friend’s! How have you all been? Alas I send over greetings from the Canary islands! I should pretty much be able to do daily posts for y’all now that there is much excitement to be had on this new adventure!

So, we arrived at the airport in Edinburgh, stress free and ready to go on our Duncan family adventure! We went to a nice pub called Fringe and I had a super tasty chicken burger and wedges!

As we wondered to our gate, we were greeted by a que of confused and slightly impatient people wandering what was happening. If you’ve ever flown with Ryan Air then you’ll understand but if not then just don’t. Don’t do that to yourself, it’s not worth it. 

After half an hours delay and listening to other people complain, we safely found our selves seated on the seats and were ready to begin our journey… here are some photos of the flight…

My compulsory Gerald photo…

We touched down in sunny Fuertaventura at around 7ish and were greeted by the lovely person who would take us to our 3-storey apartment! Located in the El Sultan complex is our beautiful apartment! I would show y’all photos of it but the WiFi didn’t feel up for it so I’ll try again tomorrow!

The main thing is that we all got here in one piece and enjoyed what was left of the night, drinking wine and munching on some tapas! Stay tuned for more! 

As always friend’s, take care and speak to y’all next time ~*