A Jaunt to the City ~*

Good evening friend’s! how are y’all this week? I am doing good and settling into the new flat more and more as each day passes. Alas, let’s get started on this week’s post without further ado! 

So, after discovering how long it took to sort the oven out, the next thing was the electric meter… what a minor disaster that turned out to be as one of the meter’s, once topped up, would not be accepted into the thing and so we had to go into the emergency supply for a little bit until we got the second one topped up… successfully that time around!

On another note though, my flatmate’s sister arrived from Cyprus a few days ago and so we thought we’d show her around… Today was our trip to Edinburgh! Even though I’ve been many a time, I love to visit it every so often and it was nice being somewhat tourist-y. 

Here’s a photo of the Scott Monument, just off of Waverley station… it was only after I took the photo that I realised the top had been chopped off of it! but anyway’s, you can go all the way up to the top if ya want but you have to pay something for it. We chose to give it a miss today since we are trying to save money before the new term starts.


Next we went to Greyfriars Kirk where, if you go into the graveyard, go to the furthest right point you can go – through the archway, and turn right again at the first column of stones, you come to a grave which, may or may not have inspired J.K.Rowling’s character, Tom Riddle, A.K.A Voldemort. Apparently this guy had a son and two daughters in his lifetime so wouldn’t it have been funny if J.K.Rowling made a spin off series where voldemort redeemed himself and had mini Voldemort’s or something? Just a thought…


After visiting Tom Riddle’s grave, we headed for the infamous Greyfriars Bobby statue just opposite the Kirk. It was somewhat smaller than I always imagined it to be but it was still precious to me since it’s a story that I was raised upon – being Scottish and all.


After that! following the Harry Potter theme, we went to see the Elephant House which was, apparently where J.K.Rowling began the stories… We never went inside since it was mobbed but it looked cute and dinky from what I could see of it…


By this point, we had walked three hours without realising it so we set off down the street that Diagon Alley was inspired from in search of a cafe or somewhere we could plant our bums and have some grub alongside a refreshing drink to lift our spirits. We came upon an Italian cafe place in the Grassmarket called ‘Made in Italy.’ It was a packed place which never quietened down and had a great vibe to go with it. The prices weren’t too shabby either! I had a chorizo stromboli which was super tasty!



After our meals, we decided to call it a day and head back to Stirling… But I will most definitely be going on more trips to Edinburgh in the future! With that, I will bring about the end of this post for today. Until next time friend’s, take care! ~*


Fuertaventura – A crafty sort of day ~* 

Good morning friend’s! It’s just me again with another post here! I hope you are all fine and well and enjoying life as much as I am. Let’s begin what was the fourth day of this epic holiday…

This was the day that I had to say my goodbyes to the beautiful vintage bike I had rented, so I had my brother take a commemorative photo of me with it just to show y’all how epic it looked! 

As I went to return it though, the nice man let me extend my rent period until later that day! The people here are really quite friendly I have noticed… so where was next on my agenda of things to do? Well there was a craft market on so that’s where I headed since I love that kinda thing anyways! It was just across the road from the bike shop and there were many stalls to feast my eyes upon… I ended up buying a piece of magical photography mounted upon a black background of wood. Now I don’t usually appreciate photography as much as I do paintings but this guys photographs were just out of this world! I forgot his name sadly but it began with E.

After depositing the photographed piece in the flat for safety, I led the rest of my family to the harbour so that they could see what I was able to see… of course we stopped off at the waikiki lounge bar place for a cocktail or two – since both me and my brother had bikes, we just took off as our folks walked the journey. Anyways! I had the sweet tentation cocktail followed by the daikiki a la fresa one, they were both equally delightful in taste… below is the sweet tentation cocktail…

This was a photo I took of the beginning of one of the market rows we walked by…

I would show y’all the beautiful sunset that I captured as we walked for our team that night but I can tell you that this restaurant called La Calesta scored a 10/10 for atmosphere, food and service! If you are in this neck of the woods go here! I had seafood soup for a starter, meat ravioli – napolitana style – for a main and finished with a beautifully homemade blueberry cheesecake…

After the beautiful meal we all had it was time to retire to our beds… and that’s about it for this post! 

I’ll try and get the sunset photo uploaded for tomorrow’s post, also I’ll put up the name of the photographer when I unpack his photo at home because he was truly something! Until tomorrow then friend’s, take care for now ~* 

Fuertaventura – On Vintage Wheels ~*

Good evening friend’s! And what an early one it is to! I hope you are all well? I am still doing good as always and still enjoying my holiday… I have something new to share with y’all, so let’s get started…

It was day three of our holiday and everyone felt like a day of lazy relaxation was the best way to go… but I had other plans! For a whiley, I had noticed that cycling seemed to be the habit of many people around here so I wanted to try my hand at it to see what was so special about it! I had managed to cycle in the American heat after all so this kind of heat should pose no threat to me…

It was an exceptionally over cast day which I thought would be perfect for a nice bike ride to wherever! I waltzed into to bike place and the first question caught me off guard, or rather the second one did! The shopkeeper had asked what kind of bike I was after to rent for the day and friend’s, if I only had a filter for some situations! I immediately came out with,” Just a cycle bike please.” Duh. In my mind I was cringing for surrounding me was a shop full of cycle bikes! Anyways, after the confusion was overcome, I was on my merry way! Oh, it cost €12 to hire a bike for 24 hours here in case you’re interested. 

I got a beautiful vintage bike with a basket and headed straight to the harbour!

These are just some of the photo’s that I took at the harbour. It was a smaller one than what I’m used to seeing when I’m on my travels but the views were worth the cycle ride!

That night, we went to a restaurant called Ramoon, where I had a fried cheese starter and fillet steak ramoon for a main course (fillet steak wrapped in bacon.) I think out of all of us, I had the best meal and would rate it 9/10… still not perfect but it wasn’t too bad!

That’s about it for now though friend’s, take care and speak to y’all tomorrow ~* 

Fuertaventura – Day 2 ~*

Good morning friend’s! How are we all today? As for me, I am still in paradise, soaking in the sunshine and enjoying life, as usual! Shall I begin this next day in our adventure? I think I shall…

So! After the day of relaxation, we found ourselves geared up and ready to go exploring some of what this place has to offer. So we got all creamed up and wandered where our feet would take us…

After about 20 minutes we came to a small local market, of course, we ventured in to take a look… my brother and I got ourselves an oil painting done on linen by a local artist and my folks came away with a wooden plaque, carved by the owner of the stall himself!

After what I’d say was a 15 minute walk away, we stumbled upon a beach called Waikiki… have to say, I was stunned when I seen the views that awaited us! Here’s some photos for y’all… 

So, this place you can literally sit with yer feet in the sand, looking out to the sea whilst drinking a cocktail… which I did. I had the hunky drink cocktail which consisted in the most part of; southern comfort, passoa, Mango juice and cream, white rum and lime juice! I also snacked on a hawaiin (sorry if it is misspelt) sandwich which consisted of; crab, pineapple, lettuce and tomato. Very delish.

Finally… feast yer eyes on this beautiful beach, showing… was it, Casa Lomo? Or maybe just Lomo… anyways! It shows off the small island that is the closest one to us. It happens to have nothing or noone staying on it as we have been told but it’s pretty to look at for sure!

On the way back, I was pleasantly surprised from the amount of rock shops (as in rock music/era, that kinda thing) there are! My rock needs have been well satisfied…

When it came to tea time, I digress slightly as I made a mistake on the last post, which I came to realise after reading back in my journal. At El Torres, I had a smoked salmon starter and hake for a main course. It was at a restaurant called Poco Loco that I had the sautéed mushroom starter and squid rings for a main. I believe I now have what my folks are calling holiday brain! Anyways, I’d rate this restaurant a 7/10 so it is getting higher day by day!

I believe that is all for this one friend’s but tomorrow will have a new post of summer bliss. As ever, take care and speak to y’all next time! ~* 

On the Road Again ~*

Afternoon friend’s! how are y’all? doing good? So I am a day late but I have a somewhat reasonable excuse for this lateness. Let’s get started…

So what has happened between the last post and now? I have been quite busy for a change! I have been painting stuffs in the garden, I have been painting actual projects that I’m working on but the main thing that I have been looking towards is my doggo getting prepared for his ‘spa day.’ Now I know what yer probably thinking, a doggo going for a spa traditionally means being pampered and all that good stuff but what I actually mean is that he went to a really posh vet since our vet had no idea what his problem was. So, with Sir Brinks, we noticed he has a limp every time he walks on one paw, thus in an effort to help him out, this appointment was crucial.

We woke up in the early hours to drive our precious doggo forty minutes down the road to a clinic in the East Neuk of Fife – near Cupar and St. Andrews – to have him checked out. We left him for a few hours so that he could get a CT scan which would, hopefully, give us a diagnosis. In the meantime, we – my dad, brother and myself, – went into a lovely little harbour town called Anstruther…

This place takes me back to my college days when I went on a trip for a photography module that I was studying so it was nice to go back there with fresh eyes and see how the place was doing! I took some photo’s of course so I’ll share some with y’all now…

We didn’t just walk around this precious harbour, we stopped off at two places, the first being a small corner cafe called Coast where we had food – for me it was a bacon, brie and cranberry panini which was delish! The second place was another small cafe called Anstruther Boathouse – this place had a really vintage-type feel to it an the staff were beautiful human beings! I had a mocha and as is tradition, I took photo’s of both of these creations!

For anyone who is interested, these places are not too pricey and give visitors a welcoming environment to chill for a while and take in the scenery that Anstruther has to offer!

Back to Sir Brinks now and when we got back to the vets, there was an update waiting for us. The poor soul has elbow dysplasia, however it is not bad enough to need operated on quite yet! so basically, we have to keep him on medication and just keep an eye on things to make sure they don’t get any worse. At least it wasn’t a tumour! So, that’s about it friend’s, I will leave y’all with a photo of Sir Brinks coming back from the anesthetic, falling asleep with his new toy in his mouth.


Take care friend’s! enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll be back with more next time! ~*


Ultra Special Update ~*

Good afternoon friend’s! How have you all been since the last time? I hope you have been well, it has been a while since I last published anything but to be honest, nothing has been that exciting enough to share with you all and I don’t really wanna bore you all. Anyways! a few exciting things have happened recently which I’ll share with y’all now…

So I moved out of halls and back home for summer, or rather, just over four weeks since I’m moving into my new flat for fourth year! I will no longer be in halls people! It’s so exciting and every time I think about it, it makes me feel proud of my adult-y achievements to date!

On another note, I passed all my modules so I get to waltz into fourth year without any re-sits! – not that I’ve had to do them before, I’m just happy that so far uni is going well!

Another fun thing that happened recently is that I went to a 70’s rock night with my folks and friends! We went to a local pub to see the Ballroom Gitz – Highly recommend these guys! – They belted out classic tunes which, of course, made me get outta my seat and rock out to (headbanging was involved!) Anyway, here’s some picture’s, I won’t name anyone but I’m the one in the light pink wig…


Finally, have some charming photo’s of my doggo, Sir Brinks. If you are having a bad day then hopefully his beautiful face shall cheer you up!


That’s all for this week friend’s! have a nice week and hopefully I’ll have something for ya for next Wednesday ^^ ~*

Chillin’ as a Ghoul ~*

Good afternoon friend’s! how is everyone?? y’all doing good? I have had a pretty chill week since my last post so let’s get started…

So last week, I left y’all by saying I was looking forward to going to the Ghoul Ball for the Rock Society. As it was the last event of the year, I was really looking forward to it and there was every reason to; good food, good music and not forgetting the great banter! The meal was held at Stirling Court Hotel, which is up by the university and it was sooo good! I had the lentil broth followed by beef in a red wine jus and sticky toffee pudding for dessert – delish!

Here are some more photo’s from the night, I regret not taking more but I just had that much fun and did not want to miss a thing! Basically, this was our epic table, I was also to shy to go around the other’s but I’ll do my best next year!


Next on the list was Easter! I hope you all had a decent enough holiday, even if you don’t celebrate it. I decided that it would be a good idea to bake a cake, in true me fashion, I replaced an ingredient with another, completely random one that you don’t use for baking – y’know, to see what would happen because, why not? Anyway 25 minutes later following a minor cake explosion, I was able to save the cake by ignoring it and keeping it in the oven for a further 10 minutes! what was my secret ingredient I hear you ask? it was bicarbonate of soda instead of baking powder that I used – innovative, I know… tasted good though!


Last night I went to a meeting featuring the new rock soc committee (which, I’m also going to be a part of next year) and some members of the old rock soc committee to handover stuffs and discuss some plans before next year begins. We went to the Groundhouse – I am a slave to good coffee – where I went for my usual but without the cream and marshmallows and got this on top of my coffee instead;


White Chocolate Mocha’s are the best people – hands down.

So I will leave you today with my sorry student life revising for exams with a big mug of coffee, until next time friend’s, take care ~*