It is finally over! ~*

Good evening friend’s! How have ya been? I feel like it has been so long since I published my last post that I was not really sure how I would start this one but I’m gonna give it my best shot! So without further delay, I shall fulfil my promise made to y’all that I would publish a post on this very day, way back in March! Let’s begin.

Four years ago, a very shy and reserved individual began a journey that would take her on a whirlwind ride of emotions and knowledge that she could not even begin to appreciate. This individual was non other than myself! The first day of moving into my own room in Beech Court, on campus, was the most riveting and terrifying day of my life! I was excited because of the instant freedom and partial independence I gained from the feeling of leaving home and gaining new flatmates who probably felt the same. I was terrified though, for the moment that my parents – the very people I had depended upon for most of my life – had gone, from that moment I was alone. I had to make decisions based on my own intuition and well, as most people will tell you including my parents, I am a true nutter and should not be let out most of the time!

Anyways! the first day led to much confusion and deliberating about what possessed me to think that it would be a good idea to go to uni. First year was truly a roller coaster! from trying to figure out what the heck was going on all the time to finding friends as crazy and as clueless as I was and in the midst of all that, getting freshers flu for the first month; with the added joy of conjunctivitis! It was just a delight! I did manage to gain a small circle of friends though, most of which have continued to put up with my craziness to this very day!

Second year was something else! By this point, I kind of had a rough idea of what uni was about… I think! Sure, I would still go to lectures/seminars and come out of them thinking ‘I have no idea  what I’m doing’ but for the most part, I understood most of what was being learned. This was also the year that I had a pretty decent social life! My flatmates took me under their wing and I finally got a chance to experience what has been referred to as the “student life.” Juggling part-time work for the first time during term-time as well as having a social life brought with it, its own challenges and second year ended up not being the best for grades. I was however, a very stubborn and determined person so I vowed to not let uni defeat me and charged my way into third year with a new state of mind and a new set of flatmates!

**Que the flashback**

In between 2nd and 3rd year, I was lucky enough to get a place in Americamp where I was accepted into a summer camp where I experienced what it was like to teach and be a bunk mum to 2nd/3rd graders for two and a bit months before travelling independently for a while. The whole experience was enlightening and I truly felt like I learned so much about what I could do and what I could take away from my experience. 

Third year. This year was the one where I had met my second family. John Forty’s may not be the best accommodation but the students who stay there are some of the greatest folk I had met since starting this journey. I stayed there in 2nd year and had a generally good time but third year was just perfect! The coursework was brutal and much stress was felt… and many take-outs were had… but ‘the sisterhood’ along with my friends outwith the flat, made life so much easier! Everyone bonded over the stress of deadlines and I will treasure those kitchen sessions for the rest of my life! Again the grades never fell my way when the end of the year came which was disappointing but I refused to give up!

Finally… my last year, 4th year had reared its ugly head and this would be the year where I would learn so much, and that is not including the material I would use for my studies…

For this last year, the decision took no time at all to make the move to a private let in town. Feeling like a proper adult, I started fourth year off in a high; new job, new flat, new me! After the harshness of third year, I was looking forward to a refreshingly relaxed year of dissertation work followed by two other modules, in the first semester and just one other module, alongside the dissertation module in my last semester…

Alas, I managed to make it through alive! it took a leaky roof, broken boiler and broken door handle to reach this point but after submitting my last piece of coursework yesterday, I can finally say goodbye to this nightmare! I will look forward to graduating… if I have done enough to pass that is! I will cherish the good times and laugh at the bad times and thank those of you who got me through – y’all know who you are! Anyway, here’s a photo of me by the loch with my bound dissertation in hand! 30711904_2002826259760095_1268618410208526336_n

That is all I have to say this time, I will probably look to post something every two weeks from this point on wards on either a Wednesday or Thursday so I hope you will join me in the next chapter of my life ~*


Mission: Alpacatine ~*

Good afternoon my friends! how have you been? how is life? are you living it to the fullest? I hope so! What can I say, the business continues with uni but one must not forget to have fun along the way!

I have been more sociable since the last time I posted and I feel like I am a better person for it! It began with our society, the Rock Society, doing a collaboration with the L.G.B.T Society by hosting our event ‘Classic Rock Rewind.’ It was a pleasure to do  the collab with such an amazing bunch of people and I had my first experience of the drinking game Race Boat… or at least that’s the name I remember taking from it! I am sorry about the blurriness of the photo but here is our ‘before the race’ take…


After catching up with a friend and getting into a heated conversation about The Greatest Showman and how amazing the movie is – not to mention, how hot Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron are in it, I went for a night of bowling with some members of our society and never lost for once! But the one event I looked forward to the most my friends, was the Alpacalypse! or as stated in my title – Mission Alpacatine!

As it has done so for the past few days, the snow that began this morning signalled alarm bells in my soul. Would I never get to pet an alpaca in my last semester of uni? has the excitement built up for this very day, all be for nothing? No, this would not be the day that the alpaca’s would loose out to this Scottish weather, and true enough, a friend and I stood like soldiers on the freezing cold battlefield, both anxious and excited for the alpacalypse to arrive… and it did…

Observe the two cream ones… already eyeing up their helpless victims, like they already know who will win this battle… Our adopted alpaca was called Arti, I believe he was the sassiest one there…

For those still new to my blog, I’m the one in the second photo, I had to bend down since Arti was adamant about eating the grass for the foreseeable future! All in all, I would say waking up just to go into uni for the ten minutes we spent with Arti was worth it and definitely a highlight of my uni life! Alpacas for life yo!

Anyways, that’s about it for this week, until next time friends! take care and love alpacas ~*


A day in the life of a crazy student ~*

Good afternoon friend’s! it is true that I am now two days overdue for a blog post I promised to deliver on Wednesday but this sure is a crazy time in the life of me. All the dissertation-y work followed with my psychology project tied together with my society commitments is a crazy ride, not that I am complaining – so far things are going smoothly I am pleased to say! On another note, check out this moon! I took a photo of it last night whilst I was busy procrastinating… sadly my phone didn’t do it that much justice but it was just too pretty not to share!

moon 2

Anyways! time to give you a proper update on future plans! I had planned to to a work holiday in Canada after graduating from uni but after something inconvenient happened, I have decided against that idea. Although I have a love of Canada and will one day live there in the future – and yes, this is a thing I am determined to do, even if it down to crazy dreams or some other motive – it is something that I feel like the best thing to do for now would be to put it on hold. But what now? where will you go from here? I here you ask… well, who knows to be honest. All I know is I still have a deep desire to travel around various places of this big and beautiful world and spread my crazy Scottish-ness to those in need of having their brains being wasted by listening to crazy drivel!

I want to live life more in the moment than I have been recently, I want to say yes more and just end this semester on one big high! Of course it may end with disaster but in the words of this inspiring quote,

Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” – Les Brown

This has been somewhat a mantra for me throughout the university journey and it’s time I took it to heart! Graduation is only a few months away and it is going to be spectacular! 

Other things that are coming up include seeing my favourite cello rock band Apocalyptica in Glasgow in March! Worlds Collide is my favourite album if you want to check it out…

Japan week is coming up also, and I’m booked in for a Japanese lunch on campus with a fellow Japanese fan ^^. There is also a calligraphy session afterwards which we will be joining, photo’s will follow the event but I can tell you that I will fan-girl more than once on the day! 

That is all I have to share with you this week my friend’s so I will leave you with another quote from one of the most inspiring films I have ever seen! until next time, take care ~*

           “No-one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” – P.T Barnum 

– The Greatest Showman

New Year, New Adventures ~*

Good evening friend’s! How has everyone been? I hope you have had a good Christmas and New Year! it seems like so long since I have posted anything but alas, I have been a busy bee since the last time and the first semester of fourth year almost had me questioning why it was I decided to do a joint degree in the first place! Take it from me kids and fellow scholars with a desire to get out there and see the world, doing a joint degree is like serving a prison sentence – tediously long and you find yourself questioning whether it was worth it in the first place! I am hoping though, that by the end of this final semester I can come back and tell myself that I did the right thing by putting myself through this suffering!

Anyways enough of the pessimistic talk that I’ve opened with and now onto… slightly more optimistic talk! bear with me guys, this is just the beginning. As I grudgingly rolled out of bed to welcome the start of this new hideous semester, I opened the blinds to reveal a beautiful snowy blizzard tumbling headfirst from the skies above… it was a beautiful sight to behold as Scotland has not had much snow this winter so seeing it making a comeback was nice and all but knowing that I would have to go out into it was heartbreaking. I am a lover of being inside warm places and watching the rain or snow making an appearance but being outside in it is an entirely different ball park altogether and one that I do not appreciate as much as maybe others do!

Alas, as this new semester takes its shape I will be looking forward to writing a dissertation on children’s rights and well as working on a research project for the psychology part of my degree. In the meantime I will update y’all on what adventures I have planned for this mighty 2018. I will make this year one to remember and as such, I hope that you will follow me as you once did as the more people there are to share a journey, the better it will be! As far as my blogging goes, I plan to blog once every two weeks, probably on a Wednesday or Thursday so keep your eyes peeled for those updates! That’s about all I have for this week – There will be more to come in two weeks time so see ya then!

Until next time, take care for then! ~*

Starting a New Chapter ~*

Good evening friend’s! How are y’all, I hope you’re well… from now on, I’ll revert to my once a week posts, mainly on Wednesdays but we’ll see what happens! For today, I have some exciting news for y’all regarding le moi and what has been a big step in my adulting achievements this far! 

So! The day after I got back from my holiday, I was to move into what would be my new flat for my last year of uni… as you can imagine, doing something as big as this the day after coming back from somewhere was probably not the best thought I’ve ever had but, hey ho! Of course, a part of me was really excited for this to happen, – y’know, the feeling of being independent again amongst other things –  whilst the other half, – the more rational half – felt like I should have moved the move-in date to some time a little later…

On the actual day however, things went a whole lot smoother than what was expected. My flatmate and his partner were seriously helpful and helped get my stuff, along with what was theirs, from the three car fulls I had travelled through with, up the stairs and safely into the flat. I love my room in the same way that I loved it when I first seen it…

Yeah, it might be a tad on the small side and the white paint ain’t doing much for it, but now that it’s all dressed up, it’s much more homely and so cosy to be in! The living room is also coming together slowly, we need to decorate it more for sure but this place is so much better than being in halls… and so much quieter to! 

That night, after most of the unpacking was done – I hate unpacking, more than packing, don’t you? Anyways, we all chilled on the sofa with a glass of Asti to celebrate what was now our new home! Even if it took us ten minutes to figure out how to turn on the oven! 

That’s all for this week friend’s, stay tuned for next week’s post which will feature more minor disasters as we figure out how to actually own a flat! Take care for now though! ~* 

Excited for summer! ~*

Good afternoon friend’s! It’s been a while but I have been caught up with life and exams to notice time slipping by!

3rd year is over now which means I am free! This year has been hard and the exams have been brutal but I have lived to tell the tale. I celebrated the end of exams by going to a friends leaving party!

It was a truly great night and I wish I didn’t have to leave early but life happens! Now, I can look forward to the summer and the year ahead, with a family holiday coming up soon and moving into a new flat in July, I’m super excited for what’s to come!

That’s about it for now friend’s so I shall leave you with some pictures of Sir Brinks with my cousins pupper!

Sir Brinks making friend’s with a cow…

Brinks is the leader here

They’re walking side by side here, Brinks is the one with his tail in the air!

Take care my friend’s! Until next time! ~* 

Chillin’ as a Ghoul ~*

Good afternoon friend’s! how is everyone?? y’all doing good? I have had a pretty chill week since my last post so let’s get started…

So last week, I left y’all by saying I was looking forward to going to the Ghoul Ball for the Rock Society. As it was the last event of the year, I was really looking forward to it and there was every reason to; good food, good music and not forgetting the great banter! The meal was held at Stirling Court Hotel, which is up by the university and it was sooo good! I had the lentil broth followed by beef in a red wine jus and sticky toffee pudding for dessert – delish!

Here are some more photo’s from the night, I regret not taking more but I just had that much fun and did not want to miss a thing! Basically, this was our epic table, I was also to shy to go around the other’s but I’ll do my best next year!


Next on the list was Easter! I hope you all had a decent enough holiday, even if you don’t celebrate it. I decided that it would be a good idea to bake a cake, in true me fashion, I replaced an ingredient with another, completely random one that you don’t use for baking – y’know, to see what would happen because, why not? Anyway 25 minutes later following a minor cake explosion, I was able to save the cake by ignoring it and keeping it in the oven for a further 10 minutes! what was my secret ingredient I hear you ask? it was bicarbonate of soda instead of baking powder that I used – innovative, I know… tasted good though!


Last night I went to a meeting featuring the new rock soc committee (which, I’m also going to be a part of next year) and some members of the old rock soc committee to handover stuffs and discuss some plans before next year begins. We went to the Groundhouse – I am a slave to good coffee – where I went for my usual but without the cream and marshmallows and got this on top of my coffee instead;


White Chocolate Mocha’s are the best people – hands down.

So I will leave you today with my sorry student life revising for exams with a big mug of coffee, until next time friend’s, take care ~*