Something Beautiful ~*

Good afternoon friend’s, before I revert back to doing a post once a week, probably on Wednesday’s, I wanted to share what I believe to be, a beautiful spectacle that nature has to offer.

There are many beautiful thing’s in this world but for me, looking at a simple rainbow after a rainstorm seems to be one of those beautiful thing’s. I woke up this morning and was able to catch a glimpse of one before it disappeared, the photo doesn’t do it justice but check it out anyways…


Beautiful right? as I spent some time looking at it this morning I began to think of what rainbows signify. To me, rainbows of course, signify the beginning of a new day. They are motivation for people to start afresh – to become better versions of who they were the day before. But most importantly, seeing thing’s like this makes me appreciate just how beautiful this world can be, (cheesy, I know, that’s just how it is today) they make me want to travel somewhere or go hiking up some hill or mountain and just be free…

Obviously being all student-y and living in Scotland, the prospect of doing something like that when it is not summer yet is unthinkable unless I wanted to get the flu. On reflection, when I was younger I used to wish on rainbows instead of waiting on shooting stars, based on the stories I heard about there being pots of gold at one end of the rainbow and other stories similar to that. I also remember playing games with my cousins and… possibly my friend’s at the time? where we used to try and run from where we thought the rainbow had started to where we thought it ended, only to find that when we got to the end point, the rainbow changed its course or something. Memories like those are, in my opinion, the best kind. The kind you think you have forgotten but surprise you when you come across something similar to those past experiences.

Anyways, Like I said at the beginning, this will probably be my last post until Wednesday as uni work and work are going to be hectic for a while. Goodbye for now friend’s enjoy your day. ~*

People, why?? ~*

People, why?? ~*

Good evening friend’s! how have ya been since the last time I wrote? today’s post comes from an experience I had today with a flatmate which, basically brought the whole day down a level in the life of me. Let’s get started…

The day started off generally well, I got my reading all sorted for my philosophy and all was well. The next plan was to go to the gym with a fellow flatmate and vent out the rest of my illness on various machines. But, you know that feeling when your day is going so well that you can see the potential of a shipwreck smacking you in the face at some point? this is what happened. Let the rant begin…

So we – me and my flatmate – got on the bus to the uni where the gym is, and the journey was fine, until… we stopped at Wallace High School. Now, I love kid’s, there is nothing better than having banter with them. These kid’s though… I’ve never known others to be as demonic as they were. They ran up the bus, tripping each other up to where we were, sat down, shouted at each other and then… then they started throwing paper at each other – for no reason – and then they started mocking us. We ignored it for the most part but when a hat was thrown at me, I had, had enough. Probably acting against my better judgement, I took the hat and simply chucked it on the floor. We could not get off the bus fast enough and as it passed us, we seen the kid’s at the back window sticking the middle fingers up at us.

Honestly, how are parents raising their kid’s nowadays. If I were to do something like that, at that age, I would have gotten a smacked bum and been grounded for at least a week… I guess that’s Stirling high schooler’s for you – no respect at all.

The gym however was great at relieving the anger and stress I felt an I ended up going back to the flat as the person who left; calm and optimistic about life. 

With the rant over, I guess I will end this post here. Hopefully some will find it relate-able or amusing in some way but I felt like I just had to share it. Thanks for reading friend’s and goodnight for now. ~*   

Getting all Creative ~*

Good evening friend’s! how is life? I hope y’all are doing good, I know that so far everything is working out well on my end, even if my procrastination has excelled to new limits of recent times!

Some of you might not know this, in fact, I don’t think I have ever mentioned this in the past but maybe of some recent posts some of you might have learned of an artistic side that I have kept secret for a while. I don’t do stuff competitively by any means but I do enjoy delving in and out of it as a therapeutic hobby.

One of my latest creations which I am excited to share with you comes from a society I joined at my university at the beginning of the year; the rock society. They opened up a competition where the members have to design a poster for a social – a night where we all hang out together with alcohol and good music – that is coming up soon. The theme is Ladies of Rock and somehow I was inspired and hashed this out!


Now, out of excitement and encouragement from my folks, I decided to post it on here since, even if I don’t win the competition, I am still impressed by how this turned out. I usually paint so Photoshop is still a program that I am trying to get my head around but I think this is definitely a step-up from my earlier stuffs.

Anyways! I just wanted to share this with you and see what y’all thought. Goodnight for now friend’s ~*

A new Adventure… ~*

      Good evening friend’s! I realise it has been a while since my last post… maybe a couple of months but quite a lot has happened since then and I’m ready to share those things with y’all so let’s get started!

After only revising for my exams before Christmas due to the accident I managed to do epically in my grades and got solid 2:2’s for everything so the 2nd semester of third year is already looking good. Onto the good stuff now! my next adventure in life so to speak!

Today I signed a lease on a flat with one of my flatmates from this year and so we shared the excitement of not being homeless or having to stay in student halls once more. The flat that we have gone for is beautiful and so cosy, I will be posting photo’s when we move in, in July but just signing the lease makes me realise even more that I am an actual adult and responsible for so many thing’s, some of which I am still unaware of.

    As for the internship idea that I had before, I decided to give that up as I had to chip in to buy another car after the accident I had before Christmas so my plan now is to work full time over the summer and save up for something exciting to do next year.

   So, that is pretty much everything up to date in the life of me, until next time friend’s! ~* 


Some ups… and downs ~*

Good evening friend’s! apologies for being a day late but when I tell you what has happened to me this week, hopefully you won’t mind the lateness…

So, let’s begin with the up side of this post! I was excited and looking forward to going out with the rock society to Glasgow last Friday. Myself, along with my flatmate, met our fellow rockers at the atrium in the uni before getting on the coach that would signal the start to our drunken adventure. here are some photo’s of the night;

I cannot remember the names of the pubs we went to but we ended up in Cathouse which was spectacular and the music did not disappoint.

Now for the down side to this post and the reason why this week’s one is so late… on Sunday night after work, I had a pretty serious crash. Now no-one else was in the car with me which was good and I walked away with grazes and whiplash – considering the roof collapsed on my head and the windscreen came at me. –  
I am recovering steadily at home and I have been given strong medication and I have neck exercises to do so fingers crossed, next week will be a better week for me.

For everyone out there driving on frosty roads, take care and until next time, good night for now friend’s ~* 

Seeking inspiration ~* 

Good evening friend’s! how are you all doing?? this past week has been… interesting to say the least! well, maybe not exciting interesting but another kind for sure!

So, I’ve been looking at internships and stuff… but I am still unsure of going down that route. I am going through so a wanderlust yearning right now for next summer, so I want to do something or go somewhere that I know I will enjoy. My plan is to keep searching for now though because something will open up at some point!

In other news, November is the trickiest month for students. I have come to this conclusion based on the amounts of deadlines my flatmates and myself have! I only have like two, but still, they are creaping in like grim reapers about to steal my soul. During breaks though I was able to get into my creativity again…

I am designing a tattoo for a friend which is symbolic to Scotland and I feel like I am getting closer to the finished product but here are some drawings I started with…

The flower is a thistle – the traditional flower of Scotland.

I do not claim to be an artist of any kind as that is something I gave up long ago, but when inspiration strikes, the drawings I do are not that bad if I say so myself.

Another moment of inspiration came whilst I had writers block for a few hours. I do not know if anyone watches anime here, but there is one called Yuri on Ice which is beautiful so I just had to draw one of the main characters from it!

This is Victor Nikiforov… I am really bad at eyes so I left them out, I am still quite happy with how it turned out overall.

With that, I think I will bring this post to an end here. goodnight my friend’s, take care! 

Until next time ~*

Thinking ahead ~*

Good evening friend’s! how are we all enjoying life this week? in my week, quite a lot has happened… first to celebrate bonfire night, me and a flatmate went to the Bridge of Allan firework display which was epic! 

I am so impressed with how some of the photos turned out, without filters or anything, good times! 

Back on the theme of thinking ahead, I’m looking to my next adventure. I have been looking at internships and have started applying for some so fingers crossed.

Until next time friend’s ~*