Excited for summer! ~*

Good afternoon friend’s! It’s been a while but I have been caught up with life and exams to notice time slipping by!

3rd year is over now which means I am free! This year has been hard and the exams have been brutal but I have lived to tell the tale. I celebrated the end of exams by going to a friends leaving party!

It was a truly great night and I wish I didn’t have to leave early but life happens! Now, I can look forward to the summer and the year ahead, with a family holiday coming up soon and moving into a new flat in July, I’m super excited for what’s to come!

That’s about it for now friend’s so I shall leave you with some pictures of Sir Brinks with my cousins pupper!

Sir Brinks making friend’s with a cow…

Brinks is the leader here

They’re walking side by side here, Brinks is the one with his tail in the air!

Take care my friend’s! Until next time! ~* 

Chillin’ as a Ghoul ~*

Good afternoon friend’s! how is everyone?? y’all doing good? I have had a pretty chill week since my last post so let’s get started…

So last week, I left y’all by saying I was looking forward to going to the Ghoul Ball for the Rock Society. As it was the last event of the year, I was really looking forward to it and there was every reason to; good food, good music and not forgetting the great banter! The meal was held at Stirling Court Hotel, which is up by the university and it was sooo good! I had the lentil broth followed by beef in a red wine jus and sticky toffee pudding for dessert – delish!

Here are some more photo’s from the night, I regret not taking more but I just had that much fun and did not want to miss a thing! Basically, this was our epic table, I was also to shy to go around the other’s but I’ll do my best next year!


Next on the list was Easter! I hope you all had a decent enough holiday, even if you don’t celebrate it. I decided that it would be a good idea to bake a cake, in true me fashion, I replaced an ingredient with another, completely random one that you don’t use for baking – y’know, to see what would happen because, why not? Anyway 25 minutes later following a minor cake explosion, I was able to save the cake by ignoring it and keeping it in the oven for a further 10 minutes! what was my secret ingredient I hear you ask? it was bicarbonate of soda instead of baking powder that I used – innovative, I know… tasted good though!


Last night I went to a meeting featuring the new rock soc committee (which, I’m also going to be a part of next year) and some members of the old rock soc committee to handover stuffs and discuss some plans before next year begins. We went to the Groundhouse – I am a slave to good coffee – where I went for my usual but without the cream and marshmallows and got this on top of my coffee instead;


White Chocolate Mocha’s are the best people – hands down.

So I will leave you today with my sorry student life revising for exams with a big mug of coffee, until next time friend’s, take care ~*





Let’s go on an Adventure! ~*

Good evening friend’s! how have ya’ll been? I am sorry for my lack of posts but life has been hectic with uni stuffs and work… fortunately, life became exciting more recently! 

Let’s begin with my first adventure! So, I recently became good friends with someone on my psychology course and was lucky enough to be invited to her birthday. I am normally quite a shy person before people get to know me, so being confronted by a group of people who I had never seen before was a bit daunting but I had such a great time and made many new friend’s in the process! We had munchies and had a German dessert – This was my first time eating German food, well, a part from the bratwurst hot dogs you get at the German Market in Edinburgh. I believe it to be called Donauwelle but I swear this was the best thing I’ve ever tasted!

The picture on the left is one of the Donauwelle cake… nom, nom, nom…

Next up, my cousin came to visit and we went for a hike! It’s been ages since I went on one so I was really excited! – especially when the weather was so nice recently. After doing some research, I came upon this hike called ‘Stirling Castle and Gowanhill Walk‘ on this website; https://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/fife-stirling/stirling-castle.shtml. I would rate it a solid 9/10 for history, neat views and plenty of pretty epic graveyards. Here are some photo’s from the hike itself…

After the hike, we went to this restaurant called ‘The Kilted Kangaroo’ where we both had a bratwurst sausage hot dog and a bottle of wine amongst other delightful concoctions! I would recommend it for anyone who is into rock/indie music and is looking for a chilled place to hang out and eat good comfort food.

I have the Ghoul’s Ball tomorrow night for the rock society so I am really looking forward to what that has in store for me and I will post up photo’s from the night next week! Take care for now friend’s and as always, have a good one ~*

Mother’s Day ~*

Good evening friend’s! How are we all this week?? I hope y’all had a good weekend especially if you were able to share it with your mum’s as it was mother’s day – in Scotland at least! 

As for me? I was able to squeeze in making it home in between shifts and although it was brief, I made the most of it! Sir Brinks appreciated having his partner in crime back home after he was given a toy which ultimately got destroyed within 5 minutes!



After a good wee wrestle and going through the tradition of watching the red nose day stuffs on TV, it was time to call it a night and get ready to wake up a zombie on Saturday, the day before mother’s day and the day that the clock’s went forward (I still haven’t recovered from it yet!)

As a hungover version of myself woke up on that faithful Saturday, doom loomed upon me as I realised I had to bake… with a hangover! but you know what they say, ‘alcohol is the greatest cure for a hangover.’ So, With a glass of prosecco in one hand and a mixing bowl in the other, it was time to destroy the kitchen!

I don’t think it turned out too bad if I say so myself, sure the food colouring was two years out of date but I believe it only added to the magnificent creations!



My week’s update ends with the fact that I now have contact lenses. I still don’t have the hang of getting them out yet as the thought just makes my stomach do somersaults… If anyone has any tips about how to get used to them faster, I’m all ears… or should I say eye’s. One of my flatmates had to help me get them out after a certain time which I was seriously thankful for. There was however, a tiny disaster as when I managed to get the second one out, I like, chucked it and thought it had gone down the drain! luckily enough though, after searching for ten minutes, I found it stuck onto the bathroom mirror…

Sometimes I feel like adulting is meant to be easier and that moment was definitely one of those times my friend’s. Anyway! on another note, at the beginning of next semester, I will be the publication officer for the rock society that I am a part of! exciting times! Talk to y’all next week, until then take care and have a goon one friend’s! ~*

I write sins ~*

Good afternoon friend’s! How are y’all, I hope you have all been keeping well. A few exciting things have happened between last week and now so without further ado, let’s get started…

First of all… The ‘Sisterhood’ partook in another adventure! what exciting venture was had this time? I hear you ask, well, by now I am guessing that most of you or at least some of you are aware of the new Beauty and the Beast film that came out. Our adventure took us to the local VUE Cinema in Riverside to see the enchanting take on Beauty and Beast…


So, obviously seeing a Disney movie, you have to go big or go home thus the large coke and candyfloss! Honestly though, if you have not seen this movie, please go, you will not be disappointed. Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans and Josh Gad to name but a few of this perfectly selected cast blew all my expectations out of the window. I would also like to touch briefly on the creativity on the film since bringing thing’s like clock’s, candelabra’s etc. to life is not easy, I was truly blown away. Sure, this movie may not be to everyone’s tastes and that is, of course fine but for any Disney fan it is a must see in my opinion.

Moving swiftly on, even though it is in fact spring now, you would never know if you lived in Scotland. The past two days have seen snow hitting hard… not laying… just being snow I guess. Anyways! I took some photo’s because even if global warming does not like Scotland, it gives us precious picture moments!

So, in the first one, I  only got a good photo of the snow covering the rooftops from my window as the lens could not compute the snow from my window…

17393002_1501436506565742_184702280_n 22

The second took place on the way back from… the centre of town or something? anyway, I always find snow covering the hills mesmerising so I thought I would share it with you all…

17474722_1501437519898974_1370288415_n 22

Finally, to end thing’s on a high note, I went to the gym and found myself reminiscing over the older music of Panic! at the Disco as I fought my own battle with the treadmill. If you were wondering what the title was all about, then I am sure by now you have probably guessed it. On a side note, this kind of music throws me back to my high school days where I classed myself as a ‘mosher’ before I decided somewhere along the line that I wanted to disconnect myself from fitting into any kind of stereotype. I remember the ‘Emo corner’ where me and my friends used to hang around during the breaks between classes. I even remember being a part of ‘the wall of death’ one time where we had to defend the ’emo corridor’ from the invasion of people we categorised as ‘chavs.’ Thinking back, even though I hated High School, there were a lot of good thing’s that came from it; the friends… the banter… the sharing of pain. All of those memories I will never forget. Even though I seem to have lost touch with those I considered to be close friend’s, I am thankful for the times we shared…

Wow, so that corniness just happened! um, anyways! moving on, that’s about all that I have to say this week so I will take this as a good place to wrap it up, oh yeah! So, I am apparently also able to get contact lenses. I don’t know how I feel about this but I have another appointment next week since apparently my astigmatism meant that I could not get them this week, oh well!

Until next week friend’s, take care and have a good one! ~*


The Sisterhood Adventure ~*

Good evening friend’s! how is everyone? I have been quite busy over the past week to come up with anything major to post about but today, me and my flatmates, A.K.A – the #sisterhood as we like to call ourselves, had a bit of fun! So without further ado, let’s get started!

My day started with a meeting with my lab group for psychology in a coffee house called Ground house – For anyone who has not yet been or is visiting Stirling, I highly recommend this cosy place; especially for the white chocolate mocha with cream and marshmallows! it is honestly my heaven right now. It is beside the arcade at the back part of the centre and yeah, just go there, it will not disappoint!

17354899_1493332670709459_10832542_n 2

After the meeting, I met with my fellow flatmate and had a browse around town for a while. Before heading back to the flat, we went to specsavers and was brave enough to enquire about contact lenses – they are doing a free trial after all so I have that appointment to look forward to next week! On another note, this scene of Stirling bridge was just too good to miss out on so I captured it in a photo to share with everyone, charming right?

17311473_1493445887364804_722519386_o 2

The final piece of excitement for today was the fact that we all went bowling, even though it is technically where I work, I rarely get the chance to go with my friend’s so this was a great treat! Of course, I lost, but it was fun being there with everyone and it was good to get out of the flat. For anyone who is interested, the bowling alley is in Riverside and is a good place to go to chill and let your hair down.

17321572_1493657890676937_664816853_n 217353058_1493657764010283_631321933_n 217353060_1493657824010277_621715995_n17352574_1493657734010286_996079171_n 2

I believe that, that is all I have to say this week, but I look forward to sharing what I have in store for ya’ll in next week’s post! For now, take care and have a good life until then! ~*

Pancake disasters… ~*

Good afternoon friend’s! as promised, I have a Wednesday post for y’all to satisfy your needs in life! I would say that the past week has been entertaining to say the least so let’s get started ~*

So, our tale begins with the delightful day that is pancake day. I love cooking and baking to all levels friend’s but pancakes somehow… take it to a new level. At eight in the morning of this faithful day, a disaster hit our kitchen hob as I descended upon it with my pancake mix and no idea what to expect. This is how it turned out… the first one you see.. turned out to be an epic fail on pancake levels;

I mean… the first one compared to the rest does look like a pancake… but it got burnt and broke and well… a future note to myself and to others would be this – do not, under any circumstance make pancakes at 8am… it’s truly an awful idea if you are not one of life’s morning people and I do not recommend it. On another note, they did taste good with white chocolate spread so I guess that’s a bonus. 

Next on my list was my psychology experiment that I got to do which involved a dog toy and playgroup children! I think I was far too excited about this. So for my developmental module, I have to be a part of a group and conduct experiments before doing a write up of a report – basically saying what ya did, how you did it, did it go the way you expected and did it answer the question. Anyways, I got to experiment with the playgroup children along with another group member and it was the best thing ever! I actually have never seen children so adorable as that before! I just wanted to adopt every one of them but I had to remain professional as I squeaked this toy with my head to see if they would do the same. Our experimentation was on imitation if you were wondering why. When I went home I gave Sir Brinks, the extra squeaky toy and he forgave me for being away from home for so long! cue the cuteness;


During my procrastination, I got some drawing done and this was the outcome. If you have ever seen Fruits Basket, (an anime for those who have not) you will know who this is… hopefully!

finished Kyo 

And that’s about it, I’m going to a rock soc social tomorrow so I’ll take more photo’s to show y’all next week but for now I will leave you with a photo of the Wallace monument and the saltire flag blowing wildly in the crazy wind that’s been going on today!

17204181_1484909694885090_1680662825_n - 2

Until next time friend’s! ~*