The Beastly Chronicles – Last Log ~*

Good Evening friends! How has life been holding out for you? I would have brought this post to you sooner but life has been somewhat stressful recently with my uni deadlines creeping up on me like some kind of grim reaper. This will be my last log on the Snowpocalypse as it is now over and my boiler has finally been fixed, (a full week after it broke!) take my advice, do not ever sign a lease with Grant Property, save yer-selves from the stress. Anyways, let’s get right into this post!

Snowpocalypse: Day 5

There is truly no place like home… even in the snow! Knowing that the heating was still not fixed only made staying at home better. As I avoided worrying about how I would make it back up to Stirling, I decided to make the most of it… and since Brinkley loves the snow, there was no other option but to embrace the white stuff!

It was also good to get home and celebrate a birthday as well! it is just so comforting to know that when something like snow happens or anything major for that matter, family will always be close by… even if you can’t make it to them and vice versa, a phone call is all it can take to calm the nerves. 

I realise that I this is somewhat shorter in length than my usual blog posts but so much has been going on that my thoughts have just been everywhere to be honest. This will be my last blog post until… probably the 13th of April, as by that time my dissertation and research project will have been handed in. I promise to do a big one at that point!

Until then friends, let the mini hiatus begin ~*


A light at the end of the tunnel ~*

Good day friends! I hope you are all keeping well, the snowpocalypse has officially ended in Stirling now but let us dive right in to the 4th day of the monstrosity!

The snowpocalypse: day four

So… is the heating fixed yet? the answer is a big fat nope. Thanks to the supplementary heaters we were supplied with the other day though, we were at least able to sleep in our own beds and not turn into living icicles!

The day had finally arrived where I had to make the choice of going to the gig of my favourite band and risk getting stranded in Glasgow the next day or not… the band in question? Apocalyptica. Ever since I was in high school, around 14-15 years old or so, this band have played a massive role in inspiring me to play the cello myself so I was desperate to see them! The blizzards were still falling though and apparently Glasgow was worse than Stirling… After phoning the Box office a couple of times I found out that they were still playing. I had no ticket. My plan was to go home and collect my ticket but Fife was terrible and all travel to there was still cancelled for the foreseeable future!

Stressed to the max, I phoned ticketmaster, a thousand times, to no avail! no human being picked up my calls and the automated service was trash! I even created a twitter account to deal with my problem, again, I found no help was given. Really guys??? to top it off the engineer finally showed his face and discovered yet more problems with the boiler, meaning it could not get fixed that day. Honestly, that was when deciding on going to the gig became, oh so much easier. I had, had enough and after packing my bag, I left for the bus.

I had made it to Glasgow! Now I just had to find the hostel I was staying at and all would be well… Google maps helped me greatly here as I have literally no sense of direction – even in Glasgow, and I am from Scotland. I arrived at the Euro Hostel stressed but so, so relieved that I could now relax! My first thoughts were that the reception area was really modern looking and you could see the conjoined bar/restaurant from it, no navigational skills needed to find where I was going to eat and drink before the gig tonight! The staff were also really friendly and willing to help me discover where the gig was being held that night – this would be my first time properly reading a map, something I’ve always avoided! Anyways here are some photo’s of my room if anyone is considering staying here in the future!

So, we got an edgy wall frame…


This was just a photo I took before getting in the lift to show off the art you see on various walls in Glasgow!


Finally! So I stayed in a four bed, all female dorm. I found it alright actually, I’ve definitely slept in worse hostels. The room itself was quite modern however the one thing letting it down is that I was intially told that there were lockers in the room and in actual fact, there were not. I was not about to let it ruin my stay though and off to the bar I went!


The bar is called, Mint & Lime. I had the lasagna with a glass of red wine, I found it to be not too pricey of a deal and it certainly filled a hole before going to the gig. I stuck strictly to the map I was given and turned up to the venue 15 minutes later! Apocalyptica were playing their Metallica album that night so I was well excited to get in there and here them rock out on their four cello’s and I was not disappointed!

I am so happy that I finally got to see my favourite band! I couldn’t get back to Stirling the next day and just went home instead… to Narnia land! The snowpocalypse had hit home with a passion indeed! At least I can say I now know how to read a map properly!

Well I believe that is all for this post, until next time, take care friends! ~*


The Beastly Chronicles Cont.

Good afternoon friends! how are you all keeping? The snowpocalypse has began to subside somewhat recently but I will get right onto the third log of this adventure…

The Snowpocalypse: Day three 

Alas, the snow had finally stopped… for now. Our heating was still out but we were hoping for the engineer to come out and do his magic. At least the living room which my friend and I had camped in was still nice and cosy thanks to the mini heater.

There was no way of escaping home at this point, transport was still down in certain places, mainly where I live back home in Fife – snowmageddon hit the place pretty hard from what I have heard… Still, we had hope that a thaw would break out at some point…

Luckily, as the afternoon approached, buses to Edinburgh (and I assumed to Glasgow) had started running again, with caution. My friend was finally able to get home after spending two nights stranded in Stirling! We were glad she was finally able to go back home and this gave us further hope that the engineer would come out if the transport system was finally getting back to normal.

As the day dragged on, we grew more and more impatient for our engineer to show up and in the end I phoned to discover that he in fact, did not have the parts needed to fix the boiler and so would not be coming out after all… I am pretty sure that by this point, if we did not have the mini heater to keep us going we would be suffering with the flu by now…

After sending out a few angry emails to our agency for their lack of professionalism, we once again had to live with what we had, at least we still had food and milk to get us by… Que the beginning of yet another snow blizzard.


That’s about it for day 3 as nothing too exciting happened on that day a part from our friend finding her way home safely. Day 4 however comes with new hope and excitement so I hope ya don’t miss it! until then, take care ~*

The Beastly Chronicles Cont. ~*

Good day friends! I hope you are all still keeping well. The snowpocalypse is still going some, so without further ado I shall get right onto my next post…

The Snowpocalypse: Day 2


Who knew that sleeping with: a hat, two scarves, two tops, a dressing gown and socks on, under a cover with a trow on top, would actually make for a warmer sleep! I knew however, that when the time came for going into the kitchen, things would be rather different… After buying as much warmth as I could and mentally preparing myself for walking into the north pole, I finally decided to make a cup of tea and check if my stranded friend had made it through the night alive…

         There were signs of life as I slowly opened the door to the arctic wall. We were freezing… but at least we still had tea and hot chocolate, hope was not completely lost yet. We looked forward to the moment when the engineer would come and sort the boiler and we would be freed from this icy prison. The afternoon crept by… the engineer was no-where to be seen. The blizzards showed no signs of stopping. Our hope grew even thinner. I could take no more waiting. I phoned the engineer around half twelve/one-ish only to discover that he was not coming out after all and would attempt coming out the next day if he could.

We were doomed.

The snow progressively got worse. The transport to everywhere and anywhere was cancelled. The shops were closed – bar Tesco, from what we were aware of. Stirling had officially become a ghost town.

We needed heat! Students are not built to withstand such temperatures without a boiler!

Desperate, we began our search for electric heaters in the hope that a shop would somehow be open in town or walk-able distance from our flat… When all hope was lost we suddenly stumbled upon the Argos website which had heaters! without hesitation we reserved one, I received the text that let us know our heater was ready for picking up and my stranded friend and I battled through the blizzard to get to Argos.  Outside Argos is where our hearts were shattered. They were closed. With nothing on their website, how were we to know this?! we were now even more cold and even more desperate for any trace of warmth we could get!

Our last hope came as a surprise as we shivered our way into Cash Converters… We asked the staff if they had any electrical heaters in store and they said yes! Then we discovered that the only heater they had they were using for the store. This was it, my time had come to play my pity card. If we were to make it through the next few days, we had to have that heater. I told them my story of how the boiler broke and how no-one has been helping us… this worked. I will be forever grateful to the guys at cash converters for their sympathetic natures. We battled our way through the snow back to the flat with heater in hand and plugged it into the kitchen socket right away… finally there was hope.

With heat slowly circulating around one room, we began to get warmth back into our bodies and prepared for another night trapped in the flat… My friend and i slept in the living room that night, grateful to be sleeping in a warmer climate than the night before…

That’s all for the second log friends! stay tuned for tomorrows update! until then, take care ~*

The Beast… From the East ~*

Good Evening friends! how is everyone?? This post has come a little late due to some obstacles I have been unfortunate enough to face recently and the Snowpocalypse has not helped one bit. Allow me to fill you in before I properly get into this post. Those of you in Scotland may already be aware of this but for those who are not, we have had a storm hit us… of a snowy, windy, boggin’ awful sort. It has caused many inconveniences but I will start at the beginning for now…

Snowpocalypse: Day 1

I awoke from a not-so-great sleep to a rather frosty morning… thinking that I switched my heater off the night before, I simply shrugged it off and turned the dial so that my room would hopefully heat up in the time it took to boil the water in the kettle and get myself a cuppa. If only things were that simple… everything was off… even the fridge and shower! Panic began to stir as I knew this meant there was a problem with a fuse and I might have to magically know what to do. Taking a few deep breaths, I sat myself down and scanned youtube for help, yes I did just say youtube. After a few videos I was ready to take this challenge on… I flicked the switch up and boom, we have electric… for a few seconds. The panic grew stronger. After a few more failed attempts with the fuse box, I discovered the leaking boiler. My heart broke as I turned it off, indicating that we (me and my flatmate) were in for a rough ride. I phoned our agency, to no avail as they were closed to the weather. Deep breaths I told myself as I was being transferred to the emergency line, someone picked up and sent an engineer out.

Well… he came, he saw, he sighed. Apparently no-one works with the company our boiler was with so with thus he advised us to make do until he came back with the right kit that would repair our boiler. On all days, it had to be this day that our boiler kicked the bucket. I had work so at least I could escape for a few hours but my sympathies went out to my flatmate who battled through the cold. A friend of mine got stranded in uni when all the services back home got cancelled and so they stayed at the hotel I was working at until my shift finished. When we entered my flat at the end of the night, freezing would have been an understatement. I mean, I know I’m Scottish and I’m meant to be used to this crappy weather and all, but when a boiler breaks, that’s the final straw. The one thing you should be in life is warm at least, right? Anyways, as we shivered, we called it a night and with one hat, two scarves, two tops, a dressing gown and socks on, I slowly slid into a cold bed and eventually drifted off…

We are now experiencing day three of this so stay tuned for the next logs on this snowpocalypse adventure! until next time friends! ~*


Mission: Alpacatine ~*

Good afternoon my friends! how have you been? how is life? are you living it to the fullest? I hope so! What can I say, the business continues with uni but one must not forget to have fun along the way!

I have been more sociable since the last time I posted and I feel like I am a better person for it! It began with our society, the Rock Society, doing a collaboration with the L.G.B.T Society by hosting our event ‘Classic Rock Rewind.’ It was a pleasure to do  the collab with such an amazing bunch of people and I had my first experience of the drinking game Race Boat… or at least that’s the name I remember taking from it! I am sorry about the blurriness of the photo but here is our ‘before the race’ take…


After catching up with a friend and getting into a heated conversation about The Greatest Showman and how amazing the movie is – not to mention, how hot Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron are in it, I went for a night of bowling with some members of our society and never lost for once! But the one event I looked forward to the most my friends, was the Alpacalypse! or as stated in my title – Mission Alpacatine!

As it has done so for the past few days, the snow that began this morning signalled alarm bells in my soul. Would I never get to pet an alpaca in my last semester of uni? has the excitement built up for this very day, all be for nothing? No, this would not be the day that the alpaca’s would loose out to this Scottish weather, and true enough, a friend and I stood like soldiers on the freezing cold battlefield, both anxious and excited for the alpacalypse to arrive… and it did…

Observe the two cream ones… already eyeing up their helpless victims, like they already know who will win this battle… Our adopted alpaca was called Arti, I believe he was the sassiest one there…

For those still new to my blog, I’m the one in the second photo, I had to bend down since Arti was adamant about eating the grass for the foreseeable future! All in all, I would say waking up just to go into uni for the ten minutes we spent with Arti was worth it and definitely a highlight of my uni life! Alpacas for life yo!

Anyways, that’s about it for this week, until next time friends! take care and love alpacas ~*


A day in the life of a crazy student ~*

Good afternoon friend’s! it is true that I am now two days overdue for a blog post I promised to deliver on Wednesday but this sure is a crazy time in the life of me. All the dissertation-y work followed with my psychology project tied together with my society commitments is a crazy ride, not that I am complaining – so far things are going smoothly I am pleased to say! On another note, check out this moon! I took a photo of it last night whilst I was busy procrastinating… sadly my phone didn’t do it that much justice but it was just too pretty not to share!

moon 2

Anyways! time to give you a proper update on future plans! I had planned to to a work holiday in Canada after graduating from uni but after something inconvenient happened, I have decided against that idea. Although I have a love of Canada and will one day live there in the future – and yes, this is a thing I am determined to do, even if it down to crazy dreams or some other motive – it is something that I feel like the best thing to do for now would be to put it on hold. But what now? where will you go from here? I here you ask… well, who knows to be honest. All I know is I still have a deep desire to travel around various places of this big and beautiful world and spread my crazy Scottish-ness to those in need of having their brains being wasted by listening to crazy drivel!

I want to live life more in the moment than I have been recently, I want to say yes more and just end this semester on one big high! Of course it may end with disaster but in the words of this inspiring quote,

Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” – Les Brown

This has been somewhat a mantra for me throughout the university journey and it’s time I took it to heart! Graduation is only a few months away and it is going to be spectacular! 

Other things that are coming up include seeing my favourite cello rock band Apocalyptica in Glasgow in March! Worlds Collide is my favourite album if you want to check it out…

Japan week is coming up also, and I’m booked in for a Japanese lunch on campus with a fellow Japanese fan ^^. There is also a calligraphy session afterwards which we will be joining, photo’s will follow the event but I can tell you that I will fan-girl more than once on the day! 

That is all I have to share with you this week my friend’s so I will leave you with another quote from one of the most inspiring films I have ever seen! until next time, take care ~*

           “No-one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” – P.T Barnum 

– The Greatest Showman